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TCE Family & Friends Referral Page

Family & Friends Referral program - Study in Australia
We believe word of mouth is the best referral any business can get and who better to spread the 'good' word than our family and friends. We want to recognise your endorsement with a referral fees to show our gratitude. A lead from you becomes a genuine lead for us.

So here is how it works. You refer a student (full name, email and mobile number) who wants to study in Australia and we pay a Referral Fee for every successful student enrolment.

Referral amount per student  AUD $200

How does it work?
Trans-Consult Education (TCE) will pay one-off referral fees per student to the referee for each unique referral. 

Payment Dates (Guide only)
Payment for February/March enrolments will be in July of that year.
Payment for July/August enrolments will be in December of that year.

Terms and Conditions apply for Referral Fee:
1.    Student must accept an offer to study in an eligible course through TCE.
2.    Student must apply to an Australian university, private higher education provider or TAFE.
3.    Student is considered to have accepted an offer when they have received a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and made the initial course payment.
4.    Student must be enrolled in a course and with an education provider. S/he stays with the education provider beyond the census date/refundable period for semester fees without a refund request. Census date is generally 28 days from the course start date.
5.    If the student fails to enrol in the course, withdraws from the course, or gets released from the course then no referral fee can be paid.
6. Any differences in exchange rate or bank fees deducted by the recipient's bank will not be reimbursed by TCE.
7. This offer is valid for new applications only. It does not apply to applications that are cancelled or resubmitted.
8. TCE reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate the referral program at its discretion with a 30 days notice.

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