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Unlocking your career opportunities

Course and institute selection and application

Australia is home to world-class universities. With so many schools and universities to choose from, deciding where and what to study can be unnerving and challenging. As experts in international students' education in Australia, we can help you choose a course, institution and location that's right for you.

How does it work?
In our 1:1 consultation, we will discuss:

  • Your aspirations, education, experience, interests, timeline, budget and career or migration goals

  • Courses that match your needs and university choices and location

  • The application process and necessary documents required

  • Your visa eligibility and type of visa most likely to meet your specific circumstance

Submitting your applications
Leave the paperwork for us, we have you covered. We submit your applications on your behalf and coordinate with your chosen institution to make sure everything runs smoothly.

See FAQs too.

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